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Bill Schneider

Bill began his career in education and training in the early seventies when he did some part time lecturing for the Cape College for Advance Technical Education, later to become the Cape Technikon. In 1975 he joined the Cape Technikon in the department of industrial engineering. In 1985 he moved to the Peninsula Technikon to start the department of Industrial Engineering, and in 1987 was instrumental in setting up the Centre for Continuing Education at the Pentech. He became director of the centre in 1988 and remained in that position until he left in 1990 to set up his own business Education in Industry.

During the past 13 years Bill has been involved in the field of education and consulting to various companies such as Plessey SA, Atlantis Foundries, Irwin and Johnson, and Yardley of London in the field of industrial engineering and in particular in the areas of quality, supply chain management and work study.

Since the formation of SAQA he has been working with companies such as Afrox, Unilever Ponds, Daimler Chrysler, Cape Span and Toyota in developing unit standards and training material in
the field of supply chain and in particular in the areas of warehousing and distribution.

Bill joined the SAPICS in 1978 and during his association with SAPICS has served on the board, has been chapter chairman of the Cape Town Chapter twice, and is responsible for writing much of the current training material offered by SAPICS.

Together with the Western Cape Institute of Foundrymen, he has developed a Diploma course in Foundry Technology, and has helped many companies develop in-house training programs to meet specific needs in the field of industrial engineering.

Bill was born and educated in the United Kingdom and arrived in South Africa in 1968 on a 12-month working holiday. Since then he has settled and made SA his country or residence.

Contact Bill:

Tel: 021-553-4554
Fax: 021-553-1924
 Cell: 083-275-0249


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